Kompac IV

Kompac is as ruggedly built as the Didde press and has proven to be userfriendly and highly reliable. The Kompac IV provides just the proper amount of ink and water that the image demands...automatically.This is a major waste fighter as the Kompac IV returns all surplus fountain solution to the nip reservoir at each revolution.

Here, it is completely and automatically rebalanced for the next impression.Kompac IV is environmentally friendly requiring no isopropyl alcohol or substitutesno VOCno flammable hazardous material in your pressroom. Kompac IV guarantees a 50% stock waste reduction. This is especially critical in high-speed web presses as well as being a major profit factor in view of rising paper costs. With near instant start-up, Kompac IV gives the Didde owner a saleable fifth sheet.

Didde Web Press - is the company specializing on release high-quality narrow roll of offset printed machines for the industrial market. The company consists of two industrial enterprises, one of which is in Empori, state of Kansas, and another - in Limerick, Ireland. The headquarters plant in Empori, the area of 30 000 square meters, is the center of administrative, marketing, design, industrial and serving activity.



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